Cover Reveal #1 : The Night Creatures by Marianne de Pierres

Burn bright like a diamond, baby bats! ♥

This is my very first cover reveal and I am so damn honored that it was THE NIGHT CREATURES SERIES by the awesome Marianne de Pierres. Why? Well, just because. 

I'm gonna tell you a short story, my pretty damsels. The Night Creatures were elusive books at first because it was only available in Australia. But you know, past is past. IT'S NOW AVAILABLE IN E-BOOK AND PAPERBACK WORLDWIDE VIA AMAZON. International finally, baby bats! I gotta admit, I haven't read the book yet (define elusive, will ya?) but soon is not a long time for me. ;)

The original covers were a gem yes but I wanna quote Marianne, "The new covers might not be as amazing but they do speak to the content." DAMN RIGHT. Real readers find the real beauty of books inside. And without further ado...Oh wait. My face first after I receive the news.
*definitely, this gif captured that moment perfectly*


Into a world of wild secrets and deadly pleasures comes a girl whose innocence may be her greatest strength.
In Ixion music and party are our only beliefs. Darkness is our comfort. We have few rules but they are absolute . . .
Retra doesn’t want to go to Ixion, the island of ever-night, ever-youth and never-sleep. Retra is a Seal – sealed minds, sealed community. She doesn’t crave parties and pleasure, experience and freedom.
But her brother Joel left for Ixion two years ago, and Retra is determined to find him. Braving the intense pain of her obedience strip to escape the only home she’s ever known, Retra stows away on the barge that will take her to her brother.
When she can’t find Joel, Retra finds herself drawn deeper into the intoxicating world of Ixion. Come to me, whispers a voice in her head. Who are the Ripers, the mysterious guardians of Ixion? What are the Night Creatures Retra can see in the shadows? And what happens to those who grow too old for Ixion?
Retra will find that Ixion has its pleasures, but its secrets are deadly. Will friendship, and the creation of an eternal bond with a Riper, be enough to save her from the darkness?
Listen well, baby bats. Burn bright, but do not stray from the paths. Remember, when you live in a place of darkness you also live with creatures of the dark.
 Retra - now called Naif - has escaped from Ixion, the island of ever-night. She doesn't know if her friends on the island survived the battle between the Ripers and the rebels. But she does know that she must return home, behind the sealed walls of Grave, to find out why the Ripers have been seen there talking to the councillors. What links the two worlds? 
First she must convince Ruzalia to help her. The fierce pirate captain saves those who face terrible fates on Ixion, but that doesn't guarantee their gratitude. Instead, she faces a revolt - and Naif is caught in the middle.
Naif will need all her courage to survive. For Lenoir, who wants to keep her safe, for her friends Suki and Rollo, if they live, for Markes, who has secrets of his own, and for the new friends she will make on this journey.
The fate of worlds depends on it.

Ixion. The island of ever-night. 
If she had a choice, Naif wouldn’t go back. But her friends will die if she doesn’t find a cure for the badges that are slowly killing them, and her brother is there, fighting against the Ripers who hold everyone in thrall. And Naif has knowledge that might save them all.
First she must solve the mystery of Ixion’s eternal night. Then she must convince everyone – rebels and revellers alike – to join her cause. And all the while, she must fight the urge to go to Lenoir – her greatest love, her mortal enemy. 
The secrets of Ixion must be revealed. The evils must be stopped. A new dawn will come.

Visit these following Goodreads links for more information:
Burn Bright
Angel Arias
Shine Light
The book trailer:

The series is published by Random House Australia.

Everneath by Brodi Ashton

WARNING: Gifs overload and preaches. 

4.5 stars

Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath. Now she's returned--to her old life, her family, her boyfriend--before she's banished back to the underworld . . . this time forever. She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can't find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists.
Nikki longs to spend these precious months forgetting the Everneath and trying to reconnect with her boyfriend, Jack, the person most devastated by her disappearance--and the one person she loves more than anything. But there's just one problem: Cole, the smoldering immortal who enticed her to the Everneath in the first place, has followed Nikki home. Cole wants to take over the throne in the underworld and is convinced Nikki is the key to making it happen. And he'll do whatever it takes to bring her back, this time as his queen.
As Nikki's time on the Surface draws to a close and her relationships begin slipping from her grasp, she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: find a way to cheat fate and remain on the Surface with Jack or return to the Everneath and become Cole's queen.
Everneath is a captivating story of love, loss, and immortality from debut author Brodi Ashton.

Series: Everneath #1
Published January 24th 2012 by HarperCollins / Balzer + Bray        

First off, the cover. Yes, hawt damn so beautiful. Those swirls had me at the first glance. Very suitable for the mythology-driven story. It’s a beauty to be deserved by my bookshelves. But the days when readers fear awesome covers where horrible monsters hid are a bit gone, cause my damsels, Everneath is a poignant, enchanting and heartbreaking retelling of Hades and Persephone’s/ Orpheus and Eurydice’s  story.

Everneath’s one appealing quality are the characters. The characters’ relationships were woven with thoroughness that pulls you in to the story. It was the feels, my damsels. A book’s ability to make the reader feel what she’s expecting is great but to make the reader go beyond that expectation? Exceptional. My thoughts about love may vary so much but I consider it as enduring. If only it’s possible also for enduring love to live forever in the world, we’ll be happy. And I thank Nikki Beckett and Jack Caputo for breaking free from the barrier of what’s often instant in YA, instant attraction and all that sh*t (do pardon my French). 

In the beginning, I had numerous issues with Nikki Beckett. She was an idiot, a klutz and gullible vetch.  What she did was worse than running away from home. It was the totality of the consequences that made it unfair to her family, friends and of course, to Jack. And all great heroines are like that in the start. They come from Hell (literally) and they emerge victorious to fix what was broken. Hard times make us strong when we have no other option but to be. What I adore about Nikki is that she did not give up. The love triangle was discreet, Cole oftentimes non-existent but it was a smart move. It highlighted Nikki and Jack’s awesomeness. But when Cole appears sayin this,

“Sometimes…” He paused and squeezed his eyes shut. “Sometimes our hearts … crack a little.”  

                                               *All Hell broke loose. Just sayin.

Let’s go then to the clever mythological twist. DAUGHTERS OF PERSEPHONE. They exist! I thought only Daughters of Aphrodite are here on earth. Kidding, my pretty damsels! The mystery of the bracelet was half-baked so I'm waiting... ;))

                                                  *Daughters of Aphrodite.. xD

The concept of the relevance of time running out was confusing for me at the beginning. Sometimes, I found myself flipping back to make sure my the images in my imagination about the story flow are on the right track. Haha. The time in the book gives you a certain kind of urgency to meet what was on the end of that journey during the last hundred pages. It was a brilliant and creative concept that added to the strong aspects of the entire book.

Now onto the boys, my favorite topic.

Cole Stockton: I want to know him more. Not just the jerk Everliving side. I don't want a one-sided argument because I know it'll spoil the hot bad guy persona. But my current reaction to him is... 


Will Caputo: Jack's brother is awesome in his own way. The fact that he help our desperate lovebirds in their last stand was really endearing. Plus ALL his convos when he's drunk? PRICELESS. 

Will noticed me for the first time. “Hey. A girl.” He studied my face for a moment, and then he gasped and stopped walking. “Nikki Beckett. You’d better get out of here before my brother sees you. He’d freak.”

He stared at me again. “Hey, you look familiar. 
Hey, Jack, ’member that girl—?”

“Yes,” Jack interrupted.
“You know, the one who totally messed you 

“Yes,” Jack cut him off again. His eyes met 
mine, and he gave me an apologetic grin. I felt

my own lips turning up. 
Will pulled up short. “Uh-oh.”

JACK FREAKING CAPUTO: The entire damseldom needs a man like you. Ya hear me? WE NEED YOU. So you better *sniffs*, b-be-bettter...WAAAAAAAAAAH.

                                            *My reaction exactly.

Overall, read Everneath and for once my damsel, feel the existence of ENDURING LOVE. 

“It’s always been you, Becks. Nothing will change that, no matter how much time has
passed.” He glanced down. “No matter if you feel the same way or not. You know that, right?”
I shook my head slowly, wanting desperately to believe him, but not sure if I could.
“How can you not see that? Everyone sees it.”- Jack Caputo

Waiting on Wednesday (4)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
My lovely and fine damsels, finally,finally. How art thou? Me? Haha. Still recovering from the horrid book slump but hey, I'm still breathing! Anyways, here are the two books I've been anticipating together with some nail-biting and glass-scratching. Now that's creepy. Thanks to Goodreads for all the book info in this post. Without further ado...

When Elissa's nightmarish visions and inexplicable bruises lead to the discovery of a battered twin sister on the run from government agents, Elissa enlists the help of an arrogant new graduate from the space academy.

Aside from the obvious cover-love, what else can I say? C'mon on,ladies. GOVERNMENT.AGENTS? SPACE.ACADEMY? Whew. I'm waiting. Expected publication will be on June 11, 2013 by Simon and Schuster Books.

In 1918, the world seems on the verge of apocalypse. Americans roam the streets in gauze masks to ward off the deadly Spanish influenza, and the government ships young men to the front lines of a brutal war, creating an atmosphere of fear and confusion. Sixteen-year-old Mary Shelley Black watches as desperate mourners flock to séances and spirit photographers for comfort, but she herself has never believed in ghosts. During her bleakest moment, however, she’s forced to rethink her entire way of looking at life and death, for her first love—a boy who died in battle—returns in spirit form. But what does he want from her?
Featuring haunting archival early-twentieth-century photographs, this is a tense, romantic story set in a past that is eerily like our own time.

Because me loves photographs especially if said photographs is early 20th century. The synopsis itself pulled me in 'cause my lovelies, I'm all for the apocalypse. And ghosts. If my first love returns in spirit form, I'M LIGHTING A CANDLE WHILE SHIVERING. I wonder how the heroine will handle this "dilemma" Here's to hoping she wouldn't scream. I love me badass femmes. :) Expected publication will be on April 2, 2013 by Amulet Books.

What's your Wow? Leave a linky and I'll check it out! :**

PS. I'm kinda uncomfortable with my lovely damsels... 69? >.< *laughs*

BLOG REVIVAL & Graceling by Kristine Cashore

Hear ye! Hear ye!

My fine damsels, the day has finally come. I am back in the blogosphere. But first, I want to tell you that I really did plan for a smashing double review of Chelsea Fine’s books, Anew and Awry. Alas! Due to my non-existent book ban, my physical unread books grew like Rapunzel’s tower before my very eyes and I was forced to read them first lest the ‘rents find out about it and then my damsels, I’ll be screwed. The book ban will be as tangible as a punch in the gut, I tell you.  Spearheading this blog revival will be my review of Kristin Cashore’s, Graceling, a book that was lavished with so many praises I decided to plunge into its world. Without further ado…

His eyes, Katsa had never seen such eyes. One was silver, and the other, gold. They glowed in his sun-darkened face, uneven, and strange. She was surprised that they hadn't shone in the darkness of their first meeting. They didn't seem human....
Then he raised his eyebrows a hair, and his mouth shifted into the hint of a smirk. He nodded at her, just barely, and it released her from her spell.
Cocky, she thought. Cocky and arrogant, this one, and that was all there was to make of him. Whatever game he was playing, if he expected her to join him he would be disappointed.

In a world where people born with an extreme skill - called a Grace - are feared and exploited, Katsa carries the burden of the skill even she despises: the Grace of killing. She lives under the command of her uncle Randa, King of the Middluns, and is expected to execute his dirty work, punishing and torturing anyone who displeases him.
When she first meets Prince Po, who is Graced with combat skills, Katsa has no hint of how her life is about to change.
She never expects to become Po's friend.
She never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace - or about a terrible secret that lies hidden far away...a secret that could destroy all seven kingdoms with words alone.
Series: Graceling Realm #1
Published October 1st 2008 by Harcourt

This book was way back in 2008. Freaking 2008. I bought Graceling at a beloved bookstore that sells second-loved books (second-hand is for things and I care for my books more than I care for humans, even myself. xD) and I remembered a lot of whoopin, running and smiling at my newfound treasure. What a treasure indeed. For the price of the bookstore’s salespersons’ strange and helpless look-here-comes-crazy-Johanna-again, I have it. I love them for bearing with me *winks*

I developed cover stroking because of Graceling’s cover. It gives you a glimpse of the badassery inside the book. I awarded it one of my Best Book Cover awards. I’m always having a staring contest with the book because of its beauty. As for the main character, Katsa, I felt the need to make the font bold because my dears, that she is, that she is. Katsa has her flaws when it comes to being humane but talk about inhumane and she’s too perfect a warrior when it comes to skills. Her being distracted with Poe’s open neckshirt is adorable and by Jove, she is a sadist. THEY BOTH ARE SADISTS. Katsa’s struggle is endearing. She’s like an infant to the world of gentleness and mercy brutal and harsh picture of Graces. She's like Katniss left by Peeta for another woman. She's that wild. 

The setting is realistically-fantastic and very detailed it will oftentimes annoy you to Hell. But worry not, that’s just a minor bruise like what Katsa rarely gives to Poe. Because she gives him deep gashes and scratches. See, I told you they’re sadists xD Back to the world-building, it’s worth losing yourself into as well as the author’s writing style, it’s bizarre but striking, and pinpoints the emotions of the characters and the action scenes. Graceling gives you a virtual eyegasm. There were many unnecessary skirmishes like this...

"Towns of stone built into stone..."-pg. 404

 But then, there were always surprises at every turn of Graceling that gets me back on track.

The pacing of the plot is like running on uneven ground, awkwardly. Sometimes, the road is easy so you ran faster and sometimes, it’s so rocky that you stumble and slow down. Not enough comma for you to breath. For the fusion of romance and ultimate badassery in the books’ eccentricity, I’d give an A. From f(P)oe to friends to lovers, the love factor is strong, both in emotional and physical aspects. No wedding! Katsa you bad bad girl! Stop knocking Poe down lest he’s the one who will get pregnant instead. And trust me, honey, seabane won’t help him xD However, the villain is still a manipulative perverse son of a-- *censored* *bares fangs* I’m having mood swings.

Overall, Graceling, is an action-packed, compassionate and well-crafted novel that you must have patience to prepare for it’s bloody and…bittersweet conclusion. Longing for more of Katsa's world, my chest felt like there was a hole in it, it needs more of the magic from Cashore. An excellent must-read!

“When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?” ― Kristin Cashore Graceling
 “I know you don't want this, Katsa. But I can't help myself. The moment you came barreling into my life I was lost. I'm afraid to tell you what I wish for, for fear you'll... oh, I don't know, throw me into the fire. Or more likely, refuse me. Or worst of all, despise me," he said, his voice breaking and his eyes dropping from her face. His face dropping into his hands. "I love you," he said. "You're more dear to my heart than I ever knew anyone could be. And I've made you cry; and there I'll stop.” ― Kristin CashoreGraceling

Happy Halloweeeenn! Wait what?! + Bewitching by Alex Flinn

I'm back for a bit for my belated Halloween review of this awesome book. Watch out, I'm reviving the blog soon...How soon? Erm, just soon. Teehee~ I love you all and I'll be back for a bit. HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN! Here, Trick and Treat! LOL. I know I'm lame. xD
Finally the review. :))
Bewitching can be a beast. . . .
Once, I put a curse on a beastly and arrogant high school boy. That one turned out all right. Others didn't.I go to a new school now--one where no one knows that I should have graduated long ago. I'm not still here because I'm stupid; I just don't age.You see, I'm immortal. And I pretty much know everything after hundreds of years--except for when to take my powers and butt out.I want to help, but things just go awry in ways I could never predict. Like when I tried to free some children from a gingerbread house and ended up being hanged. After I came back from the dead (immortal, remember?), I tried to play matchmaker for a French prince and ended up banished from France forever. And that little mermaid I found in the "Titanic" lifeboat? I don't even want to think about it.Now a girl named Emma needs me. I probably shouldn't get involved, but her gorgeous stepsister is conniving to the core. I think I have just the thing to fix that girl--and it isn't an enchanted pumpkin. Although you never know what will happen when I start . . . bewitching.

Series: Kendra Chronicles #2
Published February 14th 2012 by HarperTeen

Let me tell you a little story of how I met Alex made-of-fairytale-awesome Flinn in a (horrible) fairytale type retelling…

Once upon a time, in a land full of unread books and dusty bookshelves, a young wild girl was searching for a book to read. She was me. She was a neophyte, an ignorant to the wonderful world of real YA after Twilight. A book entitled “Beastly” caught her attention like a shining needle in a haystack. It was a fairytale retelling of the famous Beauty and the Beast. I’ll answer the question why it didn’t deem worthy of a review later, btw. In a modern world. Despite the warnings her mind sent, her heart just dig fairytale mash ups like how she would dig into dark chocolate (fantasies) so she BOUGHT the damn thing. Plus it was with the fascinating cover of Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer. Can the book get more awesome than that?

She was greatly disappointed that she wanted to throw herself off the Leaning Tower of Pisa and meet a squishy death. Good thing, she’s too epic to die just like that. The book’s simplicity made me fume but it was because I soared my expectations so high. I found the plot so bland and colorless. It was flat. Lifeless. But it did serve the purpose. Kendra Hilferty was already introduced in Beastly and I was interested in her the very moment her name appeared on the book. Who could resist witches? Not me.  Anyways, onto the actual review.

Bewitching is a light and humorous read and at the same time, a complex and touching story that focuses on the rise and fall of the witch Kendra as she (unfortunately) venture through the world during the later times where witches and mermaids were still believed by townsfolk, not just their children. It was a cover love. I imagined myself looking like this while “admiring” the cover. Kendra looked so melancholic and beautiful and cold. Silly daydreams of a fairytale and witches junkie. What I absolutely loved in this book is the lesson, used many times but in many forms. Bewitching was another form of the lesson but nonetheless, it was one of the best. Kahlil Gibran’s, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”  

The rendering twisty plot began with Kendra and her brother, they were the only ones left after in their fam during the Great Plague, in a twisted situation of Hansel and Gretel.  She struggled with her awakening powers as a witch there. But it was really an admiring thing that she still makes me smile even if she’s in a very deadly situation. The story ran along with Emma and Lisette introduced. Stepsisters. Their characters are so flawed…in a very good way. In fact, it made me enjoy the book more as slowly their personalities intertwine and I dived deeper into a relationship of the vengeful sort. It was a twisted Cinderella story. Frustration marred my beliefs, WHO IS REALLY THE CINDERELLA HERE? *flips table*

Kendra also helped the Prince of France, the little mermaid (well, I wouldn’t say it as a help…more like a push to *censored because of spoiler-alert*) and believe me, those twisted retellings got me. You’ll be anticipating Kendra’s POV every chapter because it’s bloody amusing. The way her quirks as a witch harms the side characters more often than not, I kid you not. Now I’m speaking young Kendra-ish. Everything was in multiple: plots and POVS.   But the factor of readability lies in those two. It was well-written, spellbinding even. Unlike most multiple POV books I've read, Bewitching passed the safe side and more.  

On the love interest aspect, I should probably warn you about WARNer. No pun intended..not. So I got confused with the who’s-the-Cinderella? thingy well then, let me add up the Prince-Charming-in-frog-suit part too. I shed a few tears during the hardest part and smiled tenderly during the sweetest conclusion of Emma’s love story. *throws Travis in*

                                                            Warner in my perspective

Ah, this retelling is the most twisted ever in a very amazing way. I loved it with the heart of a thousand witches slain. Oopss…no offense oh great Kendra ;) I love the chapter titles of your POV, they’re hilarious. No more spoilers so that you can really enjoy the essence of the book just as I did. A must-read, you can’t just let this pass you.

“In stories like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, they always say the heroine is 'as good as she is beautiful.' I wondered if people just wanted that to be true, wanted the beautiful to be good. I wondered if they wanted the ugly to be bad because then they wouldn't have to feel bad for them.” 
I knew he was going to kiss me, and suddenly I didn't want him to, not because I didn't like him. I did. I always had. But because I wanted to preserve this moment, this slice of time when the night was cool and bright with reflected moonlight and the possibility of a kiss hung between us, full of unspent promise. Every event in my life after this would be different because I would have been kissed. Was I ready? 

Month of July Blog Hiatus Alert...

*le sigh*

Hello, my ever dynamic damsels. Today, I'll be talking about the details of the title of this post. As what the it says, hiatus. According to TheFreeDictionary ,

" A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break"

For me it means....



See, I don't want to leave reading. I don't want to freaking leave blogging. Hell, I'm still starting out with this blogging experience and so is my college experience. And the two aren't really compatible with each other. I swear, I'm turning mad cause it's been so long since I've read books. Young Adult books. It's literally killing me. But the month of July is very full packed with exams and other screw loosening activities of the Mass Communication Department (I'm taking up BA Journalism). Not to mention the preliminary exam of the school. So I decided grudgingly to pause all school unrelated things for the month of July. Let me just clarify this, THE HIATUS IS ONLY TEMPORARY. I don't want to leave all my pretty damsels alone for a long time. I love you all like how I love my unicorn fantasies.

I hope that by the time return to my blog, you'll still be there. I'll commence the non-hiatus period with a double review of the two books of the ah-mazing Chelsea Fine's Anew and Awry. Expect something worth laughing. Expect something with the Stressed Damsel Johanna's trademark.

Adios (for now) and don't start a chaos without me, okay? :D You can still connect with me in my Twitter. I assure you, I live there. You can still forward your comments, suggestions, har bloody har reactions or simple hellos via Twitter.

PS. Look at the labels. XD


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.
So we meet again, my noble damsels. The last time I made my WoW it was a tad early, now it's kinda late. But no matter, I'm here and there's no changing that. XD College and traffic's a b*tch and so I am. I started my crazy "Goodreading" search for the WoW worthy books and hey, I thank my friends or more specifically the GR feed for making me notice these two books :) Onto the show...
All the Broken Pieces
 What if your life wasn’t your own? Liv comes out of a coma with no memory of her past and two distinct, warring voices inside her head. Nothing, not even her reflection, seems familiar. As she stumbles through her junior year, the voices get louder, insisting she please the popular group while simultaneously despising them. But when Liv starts hanging around with Spencer, whose own mysterious past also has him on the fringe, life feels complete for the first time in, well, as long as she can remember.Liv knows the details of the car accident that put her in the coma, but as the voices invade her dreams, and her dreams start feeling like memories, she and Spencer seek out answers. Yet the deeper they dig, the less things make sense. Can Liv rebuild the pieces of her broken past, when it means questioning not just who she is, but she is?

 Putting aside the gorgeous cover, the synopsis pulled me in. Like harshly. I'm such a sucker for lost memories. Those amnesia factors of a certain book or TV series in our country really entice me like hell. It's probably because of my sick sense of humor, I really want to feel the poor heroine's helplessness. So heart-wrenching and pitiful *insert evil laughter* Anyways, since all of the books I've read from the Entangled Publishing blew me away like a knight swept me off my feet, I wanna give it a try. Entangled Publishing is indeed fresh and new but mind you, the titles they're offering are raw and very enjoyable. Or swoonable... *coughs*OBSIDIAN*coughs* Or lovable *coughs*TOUCH*coughs*  Expected publication will be December 11th this year. Let's make this an early Christmas present, shall we? ; )
There's an island off the coast of Maine that's not on any modern map. Shrouded in mist and protected by a deadly reef, Trespass Island is home to a community of people who guard the island and its secrets from outsiders. Seventeen-year-old Delia grew up in Kansas, but has come here in search of her family and answers to her questions: Why didn't her mother ever talk about Trespass Island? Why did she fear the open water? But Delia's not welcome and soon finds herself enmeshed in a frightening and supernatural world where ancient Greek symbols adorn the buildings and secret ceremonies take place on the beach at night. Sean Gunn, a handsome young lobsterman, befriends Delia and seems willing to risk his life to protect her. But it's Jax, the coldly elusive young man she meets at the water's edge, who finally makes Delia understand the real dangers of life on the island. Delia is going to have to fight to survive. Because there are monsters here. And no one ever leaves Trespass alive.
I was both weirded out and stunned by the cover. I can't decide if it deserves a two thumbs up or a two thumbs down. *shrugs* The title is interesting by the way and so is the blurb. I'm also in need of a mermaid or any water-related books and guys, let's just disregard the fact that I haven't read anything yet. Did I tell you college is a b*tch? I did?  Good. Now you know. Expected publication will be on February 12th 2013 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers. I want to use this opportunity to ask one question...

If you already read OF POSEIDON by Anna Banks, is it worth reading? I mean really really worthy of my heaven forsaken time?   

                                                 Caps Lock and bold letters for emphasis.

Damsels and gentlemen, the title of the Immortal Rules Blood of Eden Series Book #2 was announced 2 hours ago in the Harlequin TEEN FB page. *drumrolls* Photo credits to Harlequin Teen.

                   "THE ETERNITY FOR CURE"

       It was also stated there that it will be out on May 2013.
                                        *cues party music*

                                                     Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)
                                                 Caps Lock and bold letters for emphasis.
Mister Jay Kristoff of the Stormdancer fame finally launched his official website. And personally, I think it was uber awesome I blew my head off screaming with the badassery and coolness of the website. DEFINITELY CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EPICNESS TO THE NTH LEVEL OR ELSE SHE (look up,please) WILL CUT YOU. You can view his post in his Wordpress account, it explained more accurately than this and enter the giveaway that made my heart stop. Mister Kristoff, if ever you're reading this, you just made my dream come true. Just how awesome can you get?

PS. For Johanna's sake, answer the question about the Poseidon thingy in the comments section as well as link me up because I'm amazing and I adore you. Kidding! I wanna see your WoWs too, of course.

PSS. Law of Karma is applied in this blog. You follow me=I follow you.