ArmchairBEA Day Five: Experts Say and The Future of Blogging

Hello, guys! So you mean this is the last day of Armchair BEA? *cries waterfalls* I didn't know! But I truly, irrevocably enjoyed and love the event and hopefully will still be attending. To all my new found peeps and all those encouraging comments, I thank you from my bottomless heart XD To the crazy Twitter parties and crazy blog commenting, kudos, for I will truly miss 'em all. I know I am very,very,very late for this entry and I would like to catch up.  The reason for my tardiness will not be divulge else I choke myself with excitement and worry. Anyways, the topic was 

Today's topic is Ask The Experts. In your post, ask the visitors to your blog for blogging advice. What did you always want to know about blogging but were afraid to ask? Now is the time!
I  got only two questions for you, my dear damsel. And I hope you'll spare a tiny bit of your time answering.                       

*cutie cutie eyes power on* 
*I knew this would help so...*

Same in the real life, there are instances that you'll make a wrong move or step on one's toes and then BOOM! Everything just explodes and you'll just find yourself thrown off the circle.

Surprisingly, believe it or not, I'm really,really shy when it comes to approaching long time bloggers and experts on the field of blogging. I feel insecure. Even though I sound brave and bold in my posts (really??!) I really am reluctant to reach out to them. For fear of rejection. So, will I just observe in the sidelines or I'll strike while the iron is hot? ; )

Two tips for all. I've been doing this since I've started blogging 2 months ago, don't laugh.

Triple check and triple think before you post. 
 Put yourself in other's shoes or heels or slippers...whatever.
Yes, this is not a very enriching post about the future of blogging and if you want a very precise and brilliant post go here. Now about my opinion, honestly, I have no idea about the future of my blogging. Or blogging in general. All I can envision is me sitting on a rocking chair, surrounded by my grandchildren and holding a kindle. Because kindles are suitable for grannys with bad eyes, hey! you can change the font size ; ) Kidding aside, I want to have a humongous library full of physical books. I want my lineage to pass it along for future generations. That is my dream. And if I could still blog even if I'm full of wrinkles and probably (Heavens! I hope not) blind, I would still do it. But considering the transition of technology, I think I can. I will read books as long as I live because when I was still  one year old, I was told that I'm already flipping through books. I think it's my destiny to appreciate its musty smell, its coarse papery feel (It's PAPER, DUH!?) and the countless magic of words embossed on its pages. And I do believe it's yours too.  I'm living in the present and apologies if this is off topic. :) 

So I guess that's all I can say about the two topic. I'll be waiting for your responses and link me up in the comments section so I can drop by your blog. Love and peace out, damsels!

PS. Hear ye! Hear ye! The kingdom of the Stressed Damsel Johanna is seeking for followers who are willing to hear her nonsense. 


Hwa Sun Kang said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know how useful my tips would be, but...

1. I don't think you'll have to worry about that much. A few bloggers might exile you, but I think it's highly unlikely that the book blogging
community as a whole will exile you because there are so many of us now.

2. It's like how that saying goes, "Treat others how you want to be treated." Read and comment on other blogs, if you want the same for your own.

Hwa Sun Kang said... Best Blogger Tips
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Hwa Sun Kang said... Best Blogger Tips

I have no idea why it's posted twice...

Johanna said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahahaha! No worries! :)

Michelle Birbeck said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree on wanting a huge library full of real books! I'm not a fan of kindle, so I buy real books where I can! I've already got a house full of them, with shelves crammed in every space I can, but I still keep getting more!
Good luck with the blog!

kstar said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely reach out to other bloggers if you have questions or need some help. I've done that and it's been really helpful to me. Find other bloggers in your genre (YA - which isn't really a genre but you know what I mean, historical fiction, chick lit - that's me! - or whatever) and start connecting with them. Follow them on twitter and reply to an interesting tweet. As Hwa Sun Kang said, if you want comments and followers you need to comment and follow on others. Take part in some challenges as well. That's how I started out. Just keep working away, learn by reading other people's work (but don't take their work otherwise we're back in the big drama filled pickle that was the plagiarism debacle that occurred a few months ago). Are you on Goodreads? That can help too. Just work on it because you love it and focus on that. :) Hope that helps! And thank you for stopping by my blog!

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I'm so late in responding. But truthfully I have not much to offer in response to your questions.

As far as how you can avoid becoming an exile...well I'd say that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and whoever is without fault should be the first to throw the stone. Meaning, just do the best you can to be the best you can. Be quick to forgive others their mistakes against you and perhaps they will be quick to forgive you any mistakes against them. Be the change you wish to see, and I think that will not only keep you from becoming an exile, it might also just make you what stands out among your peers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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